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1.Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability have been the most used terms in the business and professional arena since the last century. Surprisingly its appeal is still rising every moment. Though it’s an age-old concept for western countries, it is relatively new for the people of South Asian countries like Bangladesh. Here the majority of the people have little knowledge or no knowledge or wrong perception about CSR and Sustainability. Business in today’s globalized world can hardly be thought of without considering these two major issues. That is why organizations of any type have almost no choice but to take these agendas seriously and consider CSR & Sustainability at the core of their strategic plan. This training program is designed to meet the thrust of having a clear concept on these very important and relevant topics. 


The aim of this training program is to make the students familiar with the concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability from a local and global perspective. 

« After completing the training, the students are expected to: 

have a clear understanding of the concepts of CSR and Sustainability; 

have a clear understanding of sustainability challenges on both local and global level; 

have the ability to give arguments why any type of business should put CSR and Sustainability in their priority agenda. 

 Certificate will be provided. 

 Training duration: 2 Days, 8 hours 

Schedule: To be announced by instructor 

Fee = To be announced 

* Limited no of participants will be allowed. 

Registration link: 

After registration, you will receive a student id through email. 

Then proceed for payment. 

Payment Options: 

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Please contact us after the payment of the course: 01733957066 

Instructor: Engr. Faisal Bin Alam 

2. Professional Presentation Skills “Impress Your Audience” 


To deliver a masterful presentation, to create stunning slides, and to make the audience say, “Wow, this is the workshop I was looking for!” To learn how to start and end your presentation and grab the attention of the audience from the very first second, this is the workshop you must attend. Finally, to become a confident and convincing speaker, this training can help you to learn how to use your body language to reinforce your message and how to make a strong impression. 

How participants will be benefited after course:
Participants will be able to learn how to properly prepare for an effective presentation. 
They will get to know how to build the perfect structure for a PowerPoint presentation. 
Will be able to create a step-by-step process for designing an effective presentation. 
Will be able to make a great impression from the first minute. 
Participants will learn how to create slides to maximize effectiveness and audience retention. 
Will get the clear idea of avoiding common presentation mistakes and pitfalls. 
Will be able to build rapport with the audience. 
Will learn how to use powerful body language. 
This training will help the participants to deal with stress, nerves and make a strong impact. 
After successful completion of this training participants will be able to use presentation techniques to demonstrate confidence and credibility. 

Session wise outline:

This training has been planned in 2 sessions. Each session will require at least 3 hours. So, it can be a day long or an evening class, twice a week. 

Contents of Training: 

Session 1: 

Skill 1: Determine the purpose of the Presentation 
Skill 2: Assess the Audience 
Skill 3: Make the Topic Fit 
Skill 4: Rehearse the Presentation 
Skill 5: Use Effective Body language 
Skill 6: Use Voice Control 
Skill 7: Presenting Effectively 
Skill 8: Involve the Audience 
Skill 9: Check for Understanding 

Session 2: Group Presentation Skill 

Target audience: Anyone who wants to be a better presenter. Service holders, Entrepreneurs, Students, Faculties, etc. 

Methodology: Interactive lectures, Power-point presentation, Project base group work, Practice & Presentation of assigned project. 

Prerequisite: No specific requirements for this course with the basic knowledge of MS Power- Point. Must have an open mind and the desire to be a great presenter and speaker. 

Trainer Profile:

This course will be conducted by H M Atif Wafik, a passionate teacher, who loves to teach to learn. Currently, he is working as an Asst. Professor at University of Scholars (The International University of Scholars). Apart from this, he is an Edupreneur, where enthusiastically he is working on different types of skills developments for the youths, working professionals, and potential graduates in Bangladesh. He graduated with a double gold chord in 2016 from Pittsburg State University, Kansas, United States, from the Department of Industrial Technology and Workforce Learning with a major in Technology. Before that, he used to work for a multinational advertising company in Bangladesh for many years. He had the opportunity to work for a multi-national and one of the largest food companies in The United States. 

After returning to Bangladesh, and while doing his research, he has started sharing his experiences and pieces of knowledge which he gained and earned so far in his learning tenure. He always believes that education is something that should be shared and that belief drives him to get interested in writing this book Impress Your Audience, which will help any reader to make their audience impressed. 

Impress Your Audience is his very first book, which has been written with a motive to develop this generation’s presentation and public speaking skills. He believes this book can help everyone grow and allow looking into this field from a different lens. 

Teach to Learn, and Learn to Teach. 

Fees Structure:

Workshop Fees: BDT. 1500.00 which will cover the cost of the followings: 
Original Book, signed by author 
Branded T-Shirt 
Branded Premium Mask 
Workshop Materials 
Resource person 

Instructor: H M ATIF WAFIK 

3. Communicative English - A Weekend Short Course 

Course Instructor: Shafinaz Shikder (Masters, University of Malaysia) 

  • Mock tests after every class 
  • 4 classes, Every Friday  
  • Timing: 11 A.M - 12 P.M. 
  • Fees: Only 200 BDT 
  • Call for details: 01320820941
  1. English Foundation - Weekend Short Course 

Course Instructor: Kaniz Rahman 

Macquarie University, Australia 

Lecturer, Department of English 


Recognize and correct basic errors in grammar 

Self-edit and correct grammar, spelling and pronunciations error 

Improve reading and writing English 

Communicate in written and oral English with peers 

Duration: 1 month 

Classes: 4 (weekends) 

Total hours: 8 (2 hours per class) 

Course fee: 300 BDT 

*Certificates will be provided from the University* 

*Seats are limited*